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Protect your electronics and sensitive equipments during power surges and blackouts with our extensive range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These are include standby, line interactive, and double conversion models with rated capacities ranging from 600 VA to MVA including key features such as sine wave output, energy saving Green Power UPS design, data line protection, and power management software. Systek has a variety of UPS power systems for every size of applications from a standard server room to the largest data centers, from low voltage to medium voltage applications, commercial purpose, factories, offices or any type of sensitive equipments. For tough industrial situations, we are committed & ensure to provide complete protection from power fluctuations by delivering clean and continuous power supply to your process, even under the most extreme environmental conditions. Systek has continuously introducing different power solutions to the UPS market and bring new exciting products. Customer’s requirements form the focus and driver of our development philosophy. In short, Systek is the real partner for all your power protection needs.