About Us

About Us

Systek was established in 1992, as a research and development (R&D) Electronic Engineering Enterprise engaged in manufacturing and marketing of indigenously produced quality electronic products. We have been at the forefront of latest innovations in Power Electronics and our power protection devices, such as UPS, have incorporated the state-of-saving art schemes in their design topologies. We have been successfully competing with the ever-increasing imported brands of UPS and have been simultaneously working in various areas to create a niche market for our self. At Systek we realize that:

“In today’s world only ‘change’ is constant”

The strength of Systek is in its pioneering product development work in the area of Power Protection Solutions that has translated many a novel ideas into commercially viable products in this era of fierce competition. In-depth knowledge about the surrounding environment coupled with our R&D capability enables us to come up with specific and most appropriate solutions to the problems encountered. Nobody understands local power conditions better than Systek, after a decade and a half of innovation and product development Systek has come up with an even better and more potent power protection solution that is ideally suited for Pakistan. This is why we say:

“SYSTEK the most suitable Power Solutions for Pakistan”

Systek has also designed and developed various other commercial as well as custom-made products such as stabilizers, line-conditioners, rectifiers, chargers, power-supplies, dc-to-dc converters, etc.


Since the day of its inception Systek has been on the move. From new product concepts to novel service strategies to varied corporate structure, we have followed a very dynamic path. For Systek, innovation is the order of the day, from intriguing new ideas to new technologies; we try to encompass them in our ever-evolving range of products. For Systek:

“Tomorrow is not another day, rather it is a gateway to new challenges and opportunities”


Systek has embarked upon a very ambitious research and development program which stretches well into the 21st. century. Near future will witness the launch of new Power Electronic products by us, which would easily compete with any similar product in the international market. The company is very conscious about product quality and our continuous efforts in this direction have yielded tremendous results.

“With the energy crisis deepening in the country, Systek feels obligated to engineer new solutions for the nation”

Quality Assurance

Continuous  research  and  thrive  for  quality  products  has  positioned  Systek  as leading market innovators. Using latest technology along with state of the art equipment and testing labs thoroughly backed by a competent work force ensures that quality is never compromised. Systek’s commitment to excellence stems from the upper hierarchy as the directors of    the organization are   engineering professionals who themselves have been designing Telecommunication and Power Electronic systems since 1985. They are well conversant with the state-of-the-art technology and their urge to convert ideas into reality has prompted Systek to come up with products with unmatched features.